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Grandad pattern Fair Isle knitwearAs you no doubt realise there are many imitations of Shetland knitwear available world-wide. Very few of these so called "Shetland" garments have ever seen Shetland and are poor imitations of our genuine warm, light weight, natural wool grown in our dynamic northern climate. All our designs, including Fair Isle patterns, can be adapted to suit your individual requirements.

Are you looking for natural colors, a traditional colour or something special, contact us, we aim to please.

See Shetland hoodiesAll our garments and accessories are produced entirely in Shetland. The wool comes from sheep grazing on our hills, this wool is spun in Shetland at the Sandness spinning mill, the yarn is hand frame knitted in Shetland homes, and the garments completed, washed and pressed on the Shetland island of Trondra. The only time our sweaters, hats, jackets, gloves lace shawls and other clothing ever leave Shetland is when you buy them.

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Vidlin pattern hand knitted Fair Isle knitwearYou can see our range of handknitted garments at


Our knitwear is hand frame knitted in Shetland homes. Small items such as Fair Isle hats, scarfs and gloves are usually available to send now.

Other knitwear may take up to 4 weeks to knit to your preferred size, style and colour. All orders are acknowledged within 48 hours and an estimate given of delivery time.

Sizing guide

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Colour charts courtesy of knitting site www.simplyshetland.net

Whether you say knitwear, knitware or just plain woolens, the quality of our Shetland knitwear speaks for itself.

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